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Touchpoint Cleaning System

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Is your workplace ready for the inevitable fallout of sickness during winter?

Our Touchpoint Cleaning System cleans and disinfects all areas where the infection of cold and flu commonly occurs, preventing the spread of infection while increasting staff health, wellbeing and productivity.

To register your interest in our Touchpoint Cleaning System and ensure your workplace is prepared for flu season, simply enquire below.

Sick Days cost Australian businesses $30 billion every year.
What are Sick Days costing your business?

Did You Know?

About Touchpoint

Touchpoint is a specialised cleaning and disinfection system designed to help prevent infection

Armed with special disinfectants and microfibre cloths, our cleaners target and disinfect all common touch point areas where germs tend to accumulate, reducing the risk of infection. Because we combat illness in your workplace, your employees stand a better chance of avoiding the dreaded lurgy.

Common touch point areas:
  • All exterior door handles
  • Reception counters
  • All internal doors, handles and frames
  • Shared desks, phones, keyboards and mice
  • Bathroom doors, handles, taps and hand dryers
  • Kitchen drawers, fridge, sink, kettle and other appliances
  • Photocopier and stationery room

Blitz the bugs

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Is your workplace prepared for the onset of flu season? How can you reduce the impact of cold and flu this winter? Get Touchpoint! Enquire below or call 1300 300 959.

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