Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Services

Our unique set of skills and equipment enable us to expertly service industrial clients.

As specialists, Academy has gained considerable and extensive experience in the industrial cleaning sector and fully appreciate the demands on such facilities and the necessity to minimise disruption to the manufacturing processes.

We understand that production demands can change at short notice. We therefore offer a flexible approach toward our industrial clients. At Academy, we work with your production and manufacturing site management to ensure works are carried out safely and in a systematic way, whether it is working at weekends, evenings, shutdown periods or during your normal production times.

Academy has serviced the industrial sector for more than 30 years.

Academy's expertise is widely recognised and our inventory of modern, highly efficient equipment enables us to deliver exceptional quality. Most importantly, Academy's service programs are carefully designed to suit business of all sizes and ensure no inconvenience or operational disruptions.

Warehouse environments and particularly operational ones are by nature inherently dangerous and familiarity with the workings of industrial workplaces is very important. Our hazard and risk audits mitigate potential threats and ensure our cleaning staff can operate safely.

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Academy is a national commercial cleaning company, wholly Australian owned and with decades of experience as a leading service provider offering quality, consistency and value.

Property Support Services

Academy's property services are robust and comprehensive. We can manage a broad array of facilities services delivered at a high standard, enabling our industrial clients to focus on their core business.

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Industrial Cleaning

With thousands of personnel around the country and the equipment and capacity to service industrial facilities at any scale, Academy is the best for your industrial cleaning needs.

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Industrial Waste Management

As a primary provider of waste collection, disposal and recycling services, Academy can work with you to provide a complete waste management package for your organisation.

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