Healthcare Cleaning

Healthcare Cleaning Services

Delivering consistently high levels of hygiene and sanitation is critical to our clients in healthcare.

Infection control plays a significant role in healthcare cleaning services. Academy's methodology strictly focuses on the need to prevent and control infections through safe work practices, protocols, hand hygiene and cleaning procedures. Academy's procedures identify hazards and minimises the risk of infection.

Academy follows The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) that include important aspects such as relevant codes of practice, statutory requirements and Australian Standards. ACHS’s mission is to promote, in cooperation with health care professionals, the continuous improvement of the quality and care delivered to patients.

Academy's service plan establishes formal lines of communication, personnel qualifications, equipment, safety, performance expectations, and participation in our quality audit program.

We recognise that achieving consistency with our cleaning service is of paramount importance.

The standard of cleanliness for areas in the very high risk category is of critical importance. Within these functional areas there is a very high risk of infection. Cleaning outcomes are achieved through the highest level of intensity and frequency of cleaning and we maintain consistency through stringent quality control protocols.

Service Features
  • Accountability
  • Risk management programs
  • Quality improvement and accreditation
  • Service specification
  • Training and education
  • Occupational health and safety responsibilities
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Infrastructure, maintenance and facility management
  • Auditing processes to measure outcomes
  • New equipment purchases
  • Outbreak management plans
  • Biological cleaning
  • Complying with strict health service infection prevention and control practices and guidelines
Areas of Operation
  • Cleaning operating theatres
  • Sterile environment cleaning
  • Cleaning within CSSD areas
  • DPC, oncology and aphaeresis area
  • CT, x-ray, pathology & pharmacy
  • Cleaning medical & clinic facilities
  • Kitchens, cafes, administration
  • Low and high risk areas
  • Medical waste providers
  • Infection waste handling
  • General area cleaning
  • Physical containment (PC2, PC3) and quarantine containment (QC1, QC2)

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Academy is a national commercial cleaning company, wholly Australian owned and with decades of experience as a leading service provider offering quality, consistency and value.

Healthcare Cleaning

In no other sector is hygiene as critical as it is with the healthcare industry. Academy are experts in maintaining highly sanitised environments through induction processes and quality protocols.

Commercial Cleaning

Waste Management

Academy's waste and recycling services are comprehensive in nature, including material specific to the healthcare industry such as medical and sanitary waste.

Waste and Recycling

Quality Control

Academy's heavy investment in industry leading quality control and risk management systems are crucial to delivering a consistently superior standard of service outcome.

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