Corporate and Office Cleaning

Corporate Cleaning Services

Academy are the recognised specialists in corporate cleaning services.

Whether it be the regular after-hours cleaning staff, the specialised day cleaners, or the supervisory and support service personnel, the importance of supplying our clients with well-trained staff and a consistent service is recognised and understood.

Our personnel demonstrate and uphold the high standards required within corporate facilities, beginning with their own presentation. We take exceptional care that the presentation of our team and their equipment complements your business environment and that their conduct is professional and discreet.

Our commercial cleaning service can accommodate any corporate facility, regardless of size.

Whether you're a small office or a corporate giant, Academy can reduce your commercial cleaning costs and improve presentation quality without compromising safety or productivity. This isn't magic, we have achieved peak efficiency through refining our processes over nearly forty years of dedicated service.

Academy provides a comprehensive corporate cleaning service with a focus on quality, consistency and value.

  • Key account management
  • Scheduled internal audits
  • Independent external audits
  • Timely and comprehensive digital reporting
  • Continuous improvement
  • Quick response to requests
  • Instant accessibility
  • Real-time communications

Quality and Consistent Commercial Cleaning Services Our Cleaning Services

Academy is a national commercial cleaning company, wholly Australian owned and with decades of experience as a leading service provider offering quality, consistency and value.

Corporate Waste Management

Waste management plays a key role in our corporate services. Talk to our management team about our zero waste to landfill policy and procedures and how we can help you achieve greater outcomes diverting waste from landfill.

Waste Management

Washroom Services

Our corporate and office washroom services offer a complete solution to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for your facilities while our inventory management will guarantee you never run out of consumables.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Tailored Service Packages

Academy can provide a wide range of facility services to your corporate premises, from building maintenance and repairs to electrical safety testing and security services. We can accommodate any request.

Facility Services

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