Business Sectors

Servicing All Industries

Academy's commercial cleaning services extend to a vast array of industries.

Over the course of nearly four decades, Academy has accumulated a wealth of expertise in the commercial cleaning and facility services industry.

This experience, in addition to our vast national capacity and clever software, enables us to customise services specific to each business sector and generate efficient strategies that result in a cost-effective solution tailored to meet your requirements.


Academy applies our expertise in a variety of industries to build service solutions that are your perfect match.

Every sector is unique. Academy's expertise in each industry gives us the capacity to tailor-make the ideal service.


Academy service everything from small local businesses to high-rise office buildings and busy airports.

Corporate Cleaning


We've been maintaining government assets for nearly forty years and we're a proven provider to local, state and federal agencies.

Government Cleaning


Academy is trusted to clean shopping centres and retail outlets of every size across the country.

Retail Cleaning


We are acutely conscious of the unique requirements involved with cleaning and maintaining education facilities.

Education Cleaning


Engineering, food production, cosmetic and electric facilities are a few of the manufacturing organisations we expertly maintain.

Industrial Cleaning


Academy successfully meets the complex requirements and stringent infection control needs of our many clients within the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Cleaning


We have the experience, resources and experienced management team in place to successfully manage large and complex events.

Events Cleaning

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