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Proudly Supporting Indigenous Australians

Driving Indigenous engagement through the creation of employment opportunities and skills development

Academy aims to be a leader within both the commercial cleaning industry and across the communities in which we work. We’re constantly seeking to innovate and deliver consistently better service outcomes for our clients through:

  • The adoption of integrated systems
  • The procurement of the highest standards of equipment
  • Ongoing training for our personnel

Similarly, we continually endeavour to advance our social programs to contribute to the community. As our companies mature, we have learned to appreciate the value commercial organisations can create within our society and recognise the benefits of social responsibility.

Academy aims to be a leader within our industry and across our community.

At its core, Academy Services is a company with a belief in equality for all Australians and in providing opportunity and an improved quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the country. We recognise the value of Indigenous people and their culture and acknowledge the hardships they face in all aspects of our society.

In 2016, we set the foundation for Academy Indigenous Services, a commercial cleaning company in partnership with Paul Brock, a descendant from the Barngarla people of the Whyalla and Port Augusta areas and an accomplished speaker, trainer and business leader.

Academy Indigenous Services is an exciting new venture for our group and under the leadership of Paul Brock and the team at Academy Services, we will contribute to the reconciliation movement by generating awareness of the social divide between Australians and provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders opportunities for employment, skills development and career development.

There’s a long road ahead and we’re just beginning our own journey, but we hope the contributions of our company, and others like us, will help reduce the divisions that exist between all Australian citizens and move the nation forward towards a brighter future for all.

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Published 3 Apr 2017

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