Waste Management

Waste and Recycling Services

End-to-end waste management and recycling programs for Australian organisations.

Academy is a primary provider of rubbish collection, waste disposal and recycling services. More than that, we share one of the most significant long-term visions of the modern era - a zero-waste world - and can help your organisation develop a strategy to minimize your environmental impact.

We take great care to assess your industry-specific needs and provide you with appropriate and efficient solutions for the collection, removal and recycling of your waste.

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Achieving zero-waste. Actual data for a high profile corporate client. Academy can create formal waste minimization plans to drastically diminish the amount of waste from your organisation that becomes landfill.

Our waste management, rubbish removal and recycling services minimise your environmental footprint.

Waste Collection & Disposal

Academy is uniquely equipped to provide both large and small scale waste collection and disposal for your organisation.

  • Commercial grade waste disposal services
  • Rubbish collection and disposal
  • Garden waste disposal
  • Medical waste removal
  • Industry specific solutions for efficient and cost-effective solutions for the disposal of your organisation's waste

Recycling Services

Our comprehensive suite of recycling services will not only earn you business kudos, but might even save you money.

  • Source segregation recycling services
  • Co-mingled recycling
  • White paper recycling
  • Cardboard baling and recycling
  • Source document destruction and recycling
  • Organic material recycling
  • Specialised recycling streams, including fluorescent light tubes and batteries

Waste Minimisation Plans

We can develop a customised waste minimisation strategy to reduce or eliminate the amount of waste that becomes landfill.

  • Reduce environmental impact by maximising waste recycling
  • Training and cultural recommendations to minimise environmental footprint
  • Potentially reduce waste disposal expenses through smart recycling initiatives
  • Work towards a zero-waste goal

Our waste management practice is based on four principles to create a unique and environmentally friendly approach.


Academy can establish processes to minimise the amount of waste your organisation produces.


We encourage and teach our clients to re-use material where possible and appropriate.


Recycling is integral. Our recycling strategy encompasses a broad array of matter and processes.


The adoption and use of recycled material and fuels within your organisation.

National Services

Academy's waste management services are available in each major city.

As a national service provider and with offices to manage each state and territory, Academy has extensive coverage across the country. Our waste management and recycling services are available in each major Australian city.

Every Business Sector

Our expertise in waste management extends to a wide variety of industries.

Academy has an extensive history in waste management, dating back to our inception in 1979. Our extensive experience across a wide selection of business sectors enables us to apply industry-specific knowledge to each client.

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