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Washroom and Consumables Services

Academy's comprehensive washroom services will ensure you never get caught short.

Academy offers a comprehensive washroom service that covers hygienic cleaning, sanitation, inventory management and waste disposal. Whether you're a large or small organisation, we have a service package that can be tailored to suit your budget and requirements.

With our hygiene and sanitation services, your washroom facilities will always be immaculately presented and well-stocked, ensuring you never run out of the necessities.

Our Products and Services

Soap Dispensers

Academy's wall mounted soap dispensers come with a range of features that make it the preferred choice in many washrooms across the Australia.

You can choose to fill your soap dispenser with Academy's range of scented liquid soaps. Servicing can be performed by our hygiene personnel or by the cleaning staff.

Air Freshener Systems

Academy's Washroom Solutions offer a range of Air freshener products and services which improve the environment for washroom users by ensuring it smells fresh and clean at all times. From air fresheners to air purification we have something to suit your needs.

Urinal and Toilet Sanitisers

Academy's toilet and urinal cleaning products include WC and eco-clear urinal sanitizers, and are designed to create a fresh hygienic environment right through the system resulting in good hygiene.


Be sure to get reliable delivery and quality washroom products by ordering your washroom supplies directly from Academy.As the washroom experts, we have established a range of popular washroom products that suit most needs and represent great value.The washroom experience has a direct influence on the way your business is perceived. Therefore it's important that your washroom supplies are well stocked.

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Washroom and Consumables Services

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