Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Whether you’re returning to work, or it’s business as usual, Academy Services understands we’ve entered a new era in cleanliness and hygiene.

Academy Services is here to help you ensure the safety of your staff, clients and assets.

While your business capacity may be changing rapidly during this period, hygiene and cleaning requirements are still as important as ever.

Your business will have different hygienic and cleanliness needs at this time and we have multiple infection-control solutions to support you:

  • Touchpoint & Routine Environmental Cleaning – Using hospital-grade disinfectant, we can clean all common touchpoint areas (doors, door handles, push plates, lift buttons); and
  • Terminal & Decontamination Clean – In the unfortunate event of an outbreak or confirmed cased, Academy Services (using all appropriate PPE) can conduct terminal and decontamination clean.
  • Nanocyn Fumigation – This baseline cleaning process using Nanocyn will cover any size area and can be conducted after hours or during business operations. Nanocyn is a 100% hospital-grade, solution which is free of toxic chemicals. It has extremely quick contact times and zero toxicity or OH&S requirements.

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