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Our smart technology identifies trends in our performance before our clients do.

Our proprietary, cloud-powered software provides clients with complete transparency into our commercial cleaning quality assurance process. This facilitates ongoing maintenance of a safe and healthy environment for employees, customers and visitors.

With access to an abundance of service data that's simply unprecedented in the cleaning industry, we can identify and correct trends with our service before they become a problem.

Quality Control Data Annual Averages


Performance criteria reviewed and evaluated.


Areas inspected as part of our quality control.


Photos taken during quality assurance inspections.


Quality control inspection reports dispatched to clients.


Workplace hazards evaluated and controlled.


Risk control measures assessed and implemented.


Activities assessed for potential hazards and risks.


Percentage of inspections to exceed quality thresholds.

Our systems guarantee consistency and ensure our services comply with stringent control policies.

Industry Leading QA System

We know how important consistency is to our clients. Our innovative quality control platform provides uncompromising service.

Professional Service Managers

Our service managers supervise our performance to provide a service that's both professional and personal.

Customised Inspection Reports

Our inspection reports measure quality, safety and environmental aspects of our service and are customised to fit each client.

Regular Quality Control Audits

Our inspections are scheduled and performed by our service managers regularly, according to your contract.

Digital Reporting

Each report is delivered immediately via email and is available within our client portal for absolute transparency.

Service Compliance

Our system will identify any non-compliance with our service levels and immediately remedy and action preventative measures.

Quality Assurance

Our quality control platform is deeply integrated within our digital ecosystem.

Our quality assurance platform revolves around mobility technology backed by the power of the cloud that assesses and monitors the performance of our commercial cleaning service to guarantee a consistently high outcome. The result of every service audit by our managers is immediately available via our client web portal for complete transparency.

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Hazard and Risk Report
Hazard Reports

Academy has developed internal systems to digitally monitor and manage the safety of the work environments where our staff are deployed by identifying potential hazards, assessing the risks and implementing effective control measures.

  • Risk Controlled
  • Partially Controlled
  • Risk Uncontrolled

Hazard and Risk Assessments

Academy's Workplace Health and Safety systems maintain a safe working environment.

Workplace Health and Safety plays a vital role in the way in which we deliver our range of professional services.

At Academy we believe the welfare of our personnel in the work environment is equal in importance to your complete satisfaction with the services we provide. Our WHS policies comply with AS/NZS ISO 4801:2001 and focus attention on the productivity and environmental benefits to be gained by having an effective WHS Management System.

Externally audited and certified management systems

Environmental Management
Quality Assurance Management

Academy's Integrated Management System meets or exceeds the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 protocols with a focus on continuous improvement, best practices and total quality management. Our quality control process is backed by our proprietary innovative technology to assure the highest standard possible.

Quality Assurance Management
Environmental Management

Our integrated management system is certified to the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 and calls for the use of green cleaning chemicals and waste recycling initiatives, in addition to reducing our environmental impact at every client site.

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