Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise the impact enterprises like Academy can achieve in their contributions to Australia.

As an established enterprise with four decades in the commercial cleaning industry, we recognise the value of corporate social responsibility - the ability and capacity to contribute to the community that has supported us in our journey to success.

Our corporate social responsibility programs are still evolving. We know there's much more that Academy can contribute to the community and we're excited to see the impact we can achieve in the future.


The road to Reconciliation with First Australians is long, but we're proud to have started our journey.

Academy Indigenous Services is an initiative designed with the goal of contributing to the reconciliation movement. Established as a partnership with Paul Brock, whose ancestry can be traced to the Barngarla people of South Australia, our primary goal is to create employment and skills development opportunities for Indigenous people.

Our Reconciliation Journey

Waste Management

Environmental Awareness

Our comprehensive environmental programs reduce chemical pollutants and landfill waste.

As a commercial cleaning company, it's critical to be aware of the impact hazardous chemicals can have on the environment. Academy implements strict policies to use only 'green' products in our cleaning service to mitigate any risk to the environment. We also assist our clients with their recycling programs and can create formal waste minimisation plans as part of our waste management service.

Waste Management

Supporting Our Community

Academy has a long history of supporting the communities in which we work, developing numerous initiatives and programs to help meet our social and ethical objectives.

Fundraising and Donations

Academy prides ourselves on our involvement with fundraising events across the country, and lend our support to organisations such as the Kids with Cancer Foundation and the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Supporting Local Communities

Academy offers financial support and sponsorships to individuals, organisations and clubs within our communities. We're a proud sponsor of the Adelaide Thunderbirds, Naidoc Week and various councils and schools throughout Australia.

Not-For-Profit Partnerships

We're a long term sponsor and the inaugural supporter of the Adopt-A-HYPA Housing Apartment program, helping young people experiencing homelessness gain safe and secure tenancy in a HYPA Housing apartment as they undertake an employment pathway to independence.

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